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Be it whether you are a career seeker or career switcher, making a decision on your career path is one of life’s many decisions hence it is essential that you start off on the right foot to gain better self-awareness of yourself and discover your strengths, interests, values, weaknesses.

We want to help you make the process easier for you to understand suitable career choices for yourself.

To get started, take the Personality Assessment Tool TalentX Assessment or discuss your career aspirations and concerns during a 1 Hour Coaching Session.

Our Customer Journey

Your Experiential Learning Path

While you are learning with our Training Partner, we want you to take the time to understand yourself better by participating in the membership and activities around our City Commune Campus. 

Connect with different people so we hope will help to build a good foundation and network which you can then build on in subsequent years.

Creating Self Awareness

We help our learners understand themselves better by doing assessments or going through a complimentary one-hour career coaching service.

Profile Development

Once we have identified your career needs to reach your career goal, we will provide you with the tools to succeed.

Targeted Networking

We will connect you with future employers and networking opportunities to meet your employers.

Post-placement followup

We will conduct post-training followup and conduct membership events for lifelong learning.

Find out which career suits you best

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