Career Advisory & Assessments

Our HR data analytics platform is backed by Industry Organisational Psychology that leverages off the deep insights of psychological science to help companies or HR professionals to hire and grow high potential talent. 

Besides introducing the product as a self-assessment tool, we will also leverage on the results to capture data,  create awareness and work on the analytical results. We will be constantly leveraging on for our prospective learners as a product for our upcoming events and career workouts.

Prospective learners can take this opportunity to gain access to Commune Leaders like you and me, to seek interpretation that may leads to a further conversation in career advisory or / a course consultation or even a coaching profession and a membership with City Commune. 

Here are some key benefits that we can get from the tool:

  • A predictive analytics tool to assess individual competency and behavioural needs , backed by science and psychology 
  • Promotes better practices in strategic hiring rather than traditional hiring practices 
  • Reinforce self-awareness and growth mindset towards lifelong learning especially in the VUCA world 
  • Support companies to train right, hire right and place people right backed by science (data analytics and psychology) and yet applied by Arts (in this case, our relationship and culture) 
  • Get deep insights of every learner’s strength, soft skills and a better predictability in meeting organisational and individual goals 

In the tool, you will find the following job profiles readily created: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Finance & Accounts
  4. IT Developer
  5. IT Data Analytics
  6. HR
  7. Business Development
  8. Engineering
  9. Customer Service
  10. Omnichannel/ Tele-Sales

The questionnaires will take about 15-20mins. It generates a Career Insight Report for individual after completion.

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